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Aviator - How to Win a lot of money

If you chase following the big, you shall lose the tiny. This is how we'd describe the essential tactics for making profit Aviator slot. Failed game and a whole drain of the down payment is built only on your own absence and greed of stamina, but we recommend another approach to the overall game completely.

So, the first step is to decide on the size and type of bets. As you know, the minimum bet is 10 cents, and the maximum number of simultaneous bets is two. The fact is that the strategy of playing Aviator for one and two simultaneous bets is different, so we will consider each separately.

Aviator technique for one bet

The one-bet game is the most suitable solution for beginners. Your attention will not be scattered, which will allow you to carefully monitor the process of making money in Aviator.

The first step would be to determine the total amount of the down payment you shall focus on. It is this selection that determines the worthiness of the rate of which you shall play. Our suggestion is that you ought to can pay for in your 1earn online casino take into account 200 bets (minimum 100). That's, when you have 10 bucks on your own account, we recommend playing bets at 10 cents then. If the accounts has 20 dollars, it is possible to already have fun with bets for 200 rounds then. Your bets could be bigger, however in this full case you must have more money on your own account.

Directly after we have determined how big is the bet for just one round in Aviator, it's important to look for the tactics and strategy. You can expect you three techniques how exactly to play Aviator:

  • Minimum risk tactics for playing Aviator for money

    This plan shall not enable you to get a big jackpot very quickly, but it shall permit you to feel safe playing game. In the event you loose a bet - you loose not really much and mostly this plan focuses on conserving your cash. The essence of technique - your bets are little and each cashout in each circular ought to be at a multiplier of x1.20-x1.21. It is possible to enable the auto-bet and auto-cashout options. This will permit you to minimize the true amount of lost rounds and systematically build-up your balance. Following the balance grows, it is possible to move on to raised odds. Thus, you boost your revenue in the Aviator slot step-by-step.

  • Moderate risk tactics when playing for money in Aviator

    We recommend choosing this plan for players who don't possess constrains in money or supply large funds on the 1win online casino account. When working with this plan in the Aviator, you have fun with x2-x3 odds. The likelihood of outcomes with a multiplier of 2-3 is 40-42%. But sometimes, if you are confident is likely to strengths and there's been no large multiplication for a long period, you can have a risk, swinging most importantly coefficients. With some luck, you aren't just keep positibe balance, but may significantly boost your amount of cash also.

  • Risky tactics for quick money in the Aviator game

    This is a technique for real lucky ones! Odds 100+ drop out on average once an hour and a half. Therefore, we look when there was the last result with a multiplication of x100 or more, skip an hour and start actively betting. Good luck!

Strategy for performing the Aviator for the money for just two simultaneous bets

This strategy isn't much not the same as playing one bet, nonetheless it requires more attention. A casino game with moderate risk is considered optimal option for majority of players. We recommend that for the first bet choose auto-bet and auto-cashout at multiplication x1.2, and the second one to play according to the moderate risk strategy, which was described above for the game with one bet.

In order to have a risk in a two-part game, we help you to avoid at multiplying x40 with one bet, and x100 with the next. Thus, it is possible to avoid investing the entire balance simultaneously and await large coefficients.


None of the strategies and techniques described is assurance of success. You are free to develop new ideas always, consider risks and win. If you maintained to invent your personal successful way for earning money in the Aviator 1win game, after that feel free to talk about it in the exclusive Reviews area on our website.

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